Finding your Zen

With the hustle and bustle in the city, you need to slow down once in a while. Here are 10 quick ways to find stillness amid the chaos anytime.

Take a break.
We need downtime. You may be able to handle stress and huge work loads but you also have to clear your mind and create space, allowing you to begin switching off from the world. Find a quiet place to do this.

When you are truthful about yourself and your life, you learn to be comfortable in your own shoes and stop seeking for validation. Learn to love yourself and accept your imperfections.

Zen happens when you are relaxed, and you are relaxed when you are happy. Laughing is good medicine; happiness is the place where Zen lives.

Take care of yourself. Watch out for the tone of your voice when you are stressed, frustrated or angry. As you calm down, you will ease psychological distress. Aside from your mental health, you also need to check your self physically. Spending time for your own maintenance is good for your well-being.