The Peak of Self-care, Now Within Reach

Rediscover your journey to the best you

At Stesso, we combine cutting-edge aesthetics technology with real medical expertise to help our valued clients achieve their body and face goals, with their health and well-being as our top priority.

The Stesso Clinic, your trusted partner in your self-care journey, is a safe space for nurturing self-love with bespoke treatments designed to help you restore, recover, and renew.

Dr. Lalaine Ambulo



Established in 2012, Stesso specializes in safe, effective, and non-invasive slimming and shaping treatments as alternatives to surgery, fad diets, and dangerous weight loss products. Moreover, Stesso offers advanced treatments for healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin all over.


Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury;

an action one takes, not a purchase one makes.

It’s listening to that voice inside of you

that’s daring you to seek more, want more, grow more

and empowering that voice to action.

Self-care is all about directing the passion you have inwards

and into bettering yourself in every aspect imaginable.

It’s giving yourself time to reflect, to re-learn, and to restart

to make room for a better version of you.

Self-care is a discipline and a commitment.

Self-care is a way of life.

Self-care is Stesso.


Make time to do what you want. Connect with your own soul. Choose your own priorities. Put yourself on top of your own list. Constantly affirm and reaffirm yourself Live your life the way you want it to be.

Start by letting your fears and insecurities go. Work on improving yourself for the better.

Treat yourself. Invest in your own development. Enhance your wellbeing to a point where you freely, positively impact others.

Be a champion of positive change starting from within.